What is the best university to choose in Ireland?


When searching for a job in Ireland the university you attended will play a significant role. When you are looking for a job in Ireland, having the relevant experience is the most important. If you don’t have experience please read this article. There is a relationship between university rankings and employers perception of the quality of your education. Trinity & UCD are regarded was being the top 2 universities in Ireland. However, if you are an international student they will be the most expensive.

Your Industry

What university you choose should depend on what industry you plan to work in. Some industries in Ireland place more importance on experience than formal education. For example, in the stackoverflow survey of developers in Ireland & the UK only 43% have a degree and 20% have a masters. 37% said formal education was not important and 94% considered themselves self taught.

In this industry, formal education is not a priority, there is more emphasis on practical experience. If you are an international student it’s better to focus on low cost universities. Spending a large sum of money on high end university courses will only return marginal benefits.

Contrasting this industry with accounting and finance, there is a big difference. The majority of employees would at least have a degree with a large percentage perusing or having a professional qualification (ACA/ACCA/CIMA/QFA). In this industry, the university you attend plays a more important role in finding a job. If you can afford it, attending Trinity or UCD will greatly help you in your job search in this industry.

The best thing you can do is to look at job descriptions on our website or on Irishjobs.ie, indeed.ie or monster.ie. Look at the roles you are planning to do. If they mention a third level degree or masters as a requirement then, generally you can assume there is a significant importance given to education.