We are looking for Referships


We are looking for employers to provide referships to the readers of our website. A lot of our readers are from abroad and don’t have a reference from someone based in Ireland.

People can work in your company on reduced pay or no pay in return for a reference if you are happy with their performance.

As a guideline referships should be no more than part time for a maximum of 2 weeks. Also, you must be up honest above the type of work the person will be doing. In some cases it is ok to list unskilled roles as some people just want to get a reference to confirm they have a high level of English. Please be clear in terms of the following:

  • Hours per week
  • Number of weeks
  • Work that is to be performed
  • Type of reference eg
    • Phone
    • Written
    • Video
    • Recommendation shared on facebook, linkedin and other social media platforms

If you would like to list a refership on our website please contact us and include the above and  the following:

  • Your full name
  • Telephone & email
  • Company name
  • Role description