Tips for the Job Interview


Below is general advice collected from people who were successful at the interview and were later hired for the job. Please note given that the advice was taken from a broad range of roles not all will be applicable to your interview so pick and choose what is relevant.

1. Show genuine interest in the role

Employers really appreciate someone who shows up to work and has an interest in the job beyond just getting paid. During your interview you really need to communicate that you see more opportunities beyond just getting paid.

2. Do not treat the role purely as a learning opportunity

Most employers will expect you to have all the necessary skills to complete your job. Generally you will be expect to bring you past experience into the current role.Candidates at the interview stage can make the mistake of expecting the employer to train them in essential skills for the job.

3. Doing more than you were asked

The majority of people working tend to do what they are asked to and don’t go beyond that. However, during the interview stage if you can give examples of times when you went beyond what you were asked you will really stand out from all other candidates applying for the job.

4. Being able to work independently

Most employers want to find an employee who is very responsible, someone who they don’t have to watch all the time. They want to know when they’re not around you can be trusted to complete your job to the best of your ability. During the interview try to give examples of times when your manager trusted you to work by yourself.

5. Being able to work as part of a team

The fact that you got to the interview stages shows on paper you have the skills that the employer is looking for. However, a big element of your role, often not considered by candidates is working as part of a team and the social element of your job. Employers will be keen to see you work well with others and have some interests and hobbies to ensure you get on well with other members of your team.

6. Ensure you are very familiar with the job description and your CV

90% of the interview will be based around the job description. The interview will give the employer a change to get into more of the details of the job description and the cv. Please ensure you are familiar with the job description as the majority of questions you will be asked will be based around it. For example, if the job requires attention to detail you will be asked to provide examples of where attention to detail was essential in a previous role.
Also, the employer will ask detailed questions about your previous roles so please be familiar what you have written in your CV. Nothing will kill off your chances at the interview stages more then not being able to answer simple questions about your past working experience.