The Economics of Studying in Ireland


For all the different methods of investment appraisal such as Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Adjusted Present Value, one of the most popular is also one of the most simple, Pay Back Period. This method asks the question, how long will it take me to recover my investment? In this article I want to apply this investment appraisal approach to studying in Ireland and in the future develop a course score purely from a finance perspective so courses can be compared across countries.


  1. You will study a 1 year masters course in an area where there are job opportunities in Ireland and you qualify for a two year visa.
  2. You are an outgoing person and want to keep your costs low so you don’t mind sharing a room.
  3. You will live and work in Dublin.
  4. You like to cycle.
  5. The course you want to pursue is at the higher end of spectrum costing

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