Studying in Canada v Ireland by Danish from India


Danish from India shares his views on studying in Canada v Ireland

  1. Masters courses in Ireland are 1 years whereas in Canada they can be two years
  2. Because some of the masters courses are two years the cost can be nearly double
  3. Both Canada & Ireland allow you to work 20 hours per week during your academic term and full time during holidays
  4. There are a number of part-time jobs available for students in both Canada & Ireland. In Ireland jobs such as working in a coffee shop, retail and bars & pubs are popular.
  5. In Ireland if you complete a masters (1 year course) you can stay for 2 years. In Canada if you complete a 1 year approved course you can stay for 1 year or if you complete a 2 year course you can stay for 3 years.
  6. The average minimum wage in Canada is $11.43 per hour (€7.34). In Ireland the minimum wage is €9.55 per hour. But the cost of living in Ireland, particularity the rent in Dublin, is higher.
  7. Ireland is more of a Financial services / IT market. Ireland has some major IT companies based here such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft and Twitter to name a few.