Sample Interview Questions from companies in Germany


We gathered interview questions from various companies based in Germany. The complete list of questions by company will be available to our premium members.

  • Groupon – Java Developer : how would you implement data exchange communication between two projects?
  • Get Your Guide – UX Writer: Take home test: define value propositions, explain getyourguide to persona, describe how to develop tone of voice, create B-Version of a component on
    detail page for potential testing.
  • Hello Fresh – Product Development Manager: If you were a professional football player, which position would you have and why?
  • Zalando Lounge – Data Scientist: How can you get unique elements from a list?
  • N26 – Site Reliability Engineer: Please explain TLS, SNI and DNS
  • Blacklane – Android Developer: Topics: Clean code principles and Android-related questions (around JVM and Android lifecycle etc)
  • Omio – Online Marketing Manager: Describe your SEO experience
  • Sound Cloud – Senior Software Engineer: Tell us about a time you made a wrong technical decision.
  • Wayfair – Android Developer: Tell us about the android activity life cycle
  • Lasara – Senior Software Engineer: Find security flaws in this piece of code