Reducing your costs and helping others with Internships


Internships can be mutually beneficial. However, some employers can take advantage of interns by not providing them with the experience they were expecting. When internships work they provide a stepping stone for the intern. They provide the intern with valuable experience for their CV as well as a reference. For the employer, they get valuable skills which helps them grow their business at a reduced cost.

How to find Interns

One of the best sources of interns is universities. There are a lot of students in Ireland and around Europe who are keen to have work experience in an office (or in an English speaking country on their CV). So much so that students around Europe are paying companies to find an internship for them. Contact the career advisory service in local universities and speak to them about the opportunities you can offer. You can also post a flyer on a university notice board. Finally, you can post on websites such as, or


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