Job Opportunities in Ireland


The unemployment rate in Ireland is 6.2% which puts it slightly below the EU average of 7.3%. Job opportunities exist in Ireland and this is clearly reflected in how multicultural Ireland is, in particular Dublin. Within the jobs market, there are industries which are in short supply of workers and other industries which are over supplied. If you are selecting a course or planning on coming to Ireland to live its important you are aware of which industries can provide employment opportunities. Equally its important you are aware of which industries are oversupplied or lack opportunities.

  1. IT (Web development, Software engineers, IT Security)
    There is a short of IT skills in Ireland. Multinational such as facebook, Google and Linkedin have setup their European headquarters in Dublin. These companies have created many opportunities for those with IT skills and have also created an IT shortage. Dublin also has a very vibrate startup tech scene. Many of these startups can’t compete with multinationals and are crying out for people with IT skills.Some of the more in demand roles include: Web Developer, IT Security, Big Data, Data Analytics and Cloud. Some of the most demand skills include: C#, C++, python, Ruby, Java, .NET.
  2. Financial Services (Funds, Banking, Audit, Finance & Advisory)
    Ireland has a very strong financial services sector. With it’s low corporation tax of 12.5% Ireland has attracted some of the biggest companies such as PwC, KPMG, JP Mogran, Citi and Accenture. Each year the big four take on hundreds of graduates. Also with Brexit, a number of companies are moving from London to Dublin for example: Goldman Sachs. While, others which already have a presence in Dublin, are moving more staff over from London.Some of the most in demand roles include: Fund accountant, financial analyst, financial accounts, payroll. Most desirable experience include: Big four, 2-3 years post qualification experience.
  3. Languages (Customer Service, Technical Support & Sales)
    Ireland has a big shortage of people with language skills. Very few Irish people can speak a second language. Because of this there are a lot of opportunities for Europeans in Dublin.


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