How to compare courses internationally. DubJobs Course Comparison Method.


We often get questions on our youtube channel which is the best course to choose in what university and in what country. There are a lot of different variables to consider and comparing one course with another is difficult and time consuming. Instead we have tried to come up with a means of scoring courses across countries in a meaningful way.


  1. One of the purposes of DubJobs is to help people find a job. We will assume you want to study solely to find a job and earn money.
  2. We will assume a standard cost of living based on each city.
  3. You need to borrow any money to pay for the course at 10%
  4. Probability of finding a job and keeping a job for 5 years will be 1 – (unemployment rate x 2 + 1-university ranking score)
  5. University ranking score = (10 – (higher of country / industry rank)-1)/10 * Importance of formal education. eg university ranking 1 scores 1, university 2nd scores

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