How I found a job as a data scientist


Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, my name is Vaibhav and I am from India. I did my bachelors in computer science and engineering from India in 2019 and then I came to Ireland to pursue masters in computer science from University College Dublin. I am currently working as an AI & Data Analytics Graduate a.k.a Data Scientist at CeADAR which is Ireland’s national centre for Applied AI and Data Analytics. People at CeADAR are really supportive and helpful.


I did my Masters in Computer Science (Negotiated Learning) from University College Dublin (UCD). The advice I would like to give to the people who are enrolled in this course is that just give your best and try to gather as much information as possible from the professors and the TA’s. Just don’t limit yourself to the academics but also participate in the events and activities held on campus. Also, focus more on the practical aspect of the modules you are learning.

Work Experience

I had no prior experience before finding the job. I just had the internships experience. In my opinion employers do look for people with experience even in entry level jobs maybe it’s because employers get to pay less to an experienced professional. But still with no prior experience you can get a job like I did. Patience is the key.

How did you find your job?

During my masters third semester I did an internship with CeADAR as data scientist intern and considering my performance and knowledge I got an opportunity for an interview for the work ready graduate program by CeADAR. With GOD’s grace I got selected and I am now working for them. Apart from this I usually applied for jobs through LinkedIn, Indeed and I usually spent around 4-5 hours a day searching and applying for jobs. Applications for graduate programs took up the most of my time. Just don’t lose hope and always have faith in yourself.

What advice would you give for writing your CV?

I would give the same advice which I got from my seniors that tailor your CV according to the job description. Try to match and include the keywords in your CV which are present in the job description.

What advice would you give for the interview?

Always research well about the company you’re interviewing for. Study all the topics well which are written in the job description.
Research well about the interviewers – area they have worked or are working in. No one can know everything. So, it’s okay if you aren’t able to answer any questions asked. Be confident and not overconfident.

What life is like in Ireland for you and what advice would you give to those moving to Ireland from abroad?

Coming from a foreign country you are always scared about adjusting and adapting to a completely new and different environment. But I really adjusted well in Ireland as the place is really good and most importantly the people are really helpful and loving. You can get almost anything in Ireland so no need to carry a lot of stuff from your home country. Ireland is a beautiful country. There are lots of places to explore. If you’re planning to come to Ireland and especially Dublin you’ll face some issues in searching for a place to live in.