Don’t Waste Your Time & Money Looking for a Job


There are a lot people in Dublin looking for a job and there are a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately there are less opportunities than people looking for a job so there is a level of competition. In other countries there a not a lot of good opportunities for young people. For example, a lot of Italian people often mentioned the difficulties they faced when looking for a job in Italy. Some are forced to endure this situation others decide to move abroad to find opportunities.

While there are a lot of opportunities for young people in Dublin it does require a lot of work and a significant amount of money to find a job. You need to have a good level of English and you need to treat your search like a job. At a minimum you need to be “working” 4 hours per day. You also need to tailor your CV to the job description. A lot of people just send out generic CV’s with irrelevant information which shows you didn’t read the job description. Finally in some cases you may need to work for two weeks, part-time, for free, in order to have some experience on your CV and get the important reference from a person based in Ireland.

These are the things you need to have and do in order to have a chance of finding a job in Dublin. It is possible to find a job without a high level of English. Your English does not have to be 100% perfect but you need to be at a level which allows you to communicate with native speakers. There are opportunities but you have to work hard in order to find them. There are no opportunities for lazy people.

The point of this article is that a lot of people arrive in Dublin with hopes of finding a new job and starting a new life. A lot of Italians I spoke to, particularly from small towns in Italy spoke about the monotony of their lives. Every week is the same, the same people going to the same places. It is understandable the need to want to move to a new city and try to change your life. But you have to understand cities like Dublin are expensive. If you do not have a good level of English and you are not willing to put in the effort necessary coming to Dublin will be a complete waste of your money and time.