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Stack Overflow released two surveys on the developer industry in the UK & Ireland. The Developer Ecosystem & The Developer Hiring Landscape. The first report shows where developers are based geographically identifying 10 main hubs across the UK & Ireland with Dublin being the biggest in Ireland. It also includes the most used technologies, benefits offered to tech employees and how developers find a job.

The second report includes topics such as developer demographics, developer types & education, and salaries. Both of these reports are very insightful and should be read if you are considering coming to Dublin as a developer.

The Developer Ecosystem

The report identified 10 hubs across the UK & Ireland with Greater London being the biggest and Dublin in second place. In early 2017 there were just under one million developers with roughly 60,000 based in Dublin. As a percentage of the population Dublin ranked highest with developers accounting for 9% of the population.


In Dublin the most used languages are Java (10,448), Python (7,934) & Ruby (5,888). The languages most in demand by employers are JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, Amazon Web Services.

A lot of non-EEA developers would qualify for the Critical Skills Visa in Ireland. If you would like more information see


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