5 Tips to find a job faster


In the current environment it can be challenging to find a new role. There are less opportunities and there is more competition. It’s important you have the basics of finding a job covered to give yourself a better chance of finding a new role. It can be very frustrating for people spending hours writing CVs and applying for jobs to not even get a reply. In this article we will cover 5 tips to help you find a job faster.

Tailor your CV & grab the reader’s attention

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using a generic CV. Recruiters are inundated with 100s of CVs per day. They don’t have time to read every word you wrote on your CV. Therefore, it’s very important you show the recruiter as soon as possible you’ve read the job description and you are the right person for the job.

Your CV should be based around the job description. It’s important your CV is concise so it only shows the relevant information the recruiter is looking for. Generic CVs are usually longer and include an abundant amount of irrelevant information. It’s also important you include a summary as the very first thing the reader sees to grab their attention.

Before you write your CV read the job description and include only your relevant experience as per the requirements. On the second pass read inbetween the lines and include some examples of desirable characteristics a manager would want in a candidate for that role.

For example, if you are applying for a sales job. You could include an example of when you created your own marketing material and shared it on Linkedin. Here you are showing initiative, hard work and going the extra mile.

Linkedin – Your profile and networking

Linkedin is a very important tool to use in your search for a new job. Often recruiters will post jobs to their network first on Linkedin (as it’s free) before posting them on public and searchable websites such as indeed. Make sure you connect to as many recruiters as possible so you can get these job alerts for free.

Make sure your Linkedin profile includes all of the relevant experience for the type of roles you are looking for. Also, review a number of job descriptions to identify what keywords are being used. These same keywords will be used by recruiters when looking for candidates on Linkedin. Make sure they are on your profile and you will be contacted with job opportunities.

One last thing is make sure you get as many endorsements and recommendations on your profile as you can from past colleagues and especially past managers.

Get more experience on your CV

One difficult situation you can find yourself in is no matter how many tailored CVs you send you just can’t seem to even get a call back. This can be mostly likely to do with the fact you don’t have enough experience. It is one of the worst situations to be in as it’s very difficult to find a job which will give you the specific experience you need to move your career forward.

One option available to you is internships. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases you will need to work 2 or 3 days a week for free in order to get the specific experience you need. You can try internpages.com or you can contact startups who are always looking for people. You can also reach out to people on Linkedin. I think given the current climate more people would be sympathetic to giving people the experience they need in order to find a job.

Expand your social network

A lot of people have found roles because of a recommendation or because a friend let them know about an open position. If you are an expat it important you make expanding your social network a part of your job search process.

One survey estimated 70% of jobs aren’t listed publicly as they are filled through networking. While another estimates that 80% of people found their job through networking. I think 80% is far too high from my own experience. However, networking is a very useful tool to help you find a job.

Put in the hours

As part of our video series “How I found a job” one of the people featured shared this advice. I saw my job search as my job. I started and 9am and didn’t finish until 5pm. It was a common characteristic of those who found a job. They put a lot of hours into their job search. (Some were lucky to have skills in high demand and didn’t need to.)

If you are currently looking for a job make sure you are putting in the hours needed to produce the results you want. It is not an easy process, particularly in the current environment we are faced with. The pain of discipline will be far better than the pain of regret when you find your new role.